General Hotel Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Listed below can be found the General terms and conditions of the Hotel Chateau Béla. By agreeing to the terms of service you enter a contract as a current client. The terms of agreement also apply to future trade, though the contract is open for re-negotiation for future business collaboration. Clients with different business terms and varying business agreements are not necessarily subject to the standard agreement terms. Secondary agreements, alterations and cancellations must be made in writing form and must be officially confirmed by the hotel. These conditions are freely accessible to the public on the website of the hotel They are also available in written form at the reception.

I. Accommodation of Participants – Individuals – Clients Reserved rooms for our clients are available from 2 Pm, after confirming the pre-booked date of arrival. If the client does not check into the pre agreed booked suite by 6 pm on the day of arrival, The Hotel reserves the right to cancel the reservation and offer the room to other potential guests and interested parties. If written contact is made with the hotel via Email, fax etc to confirm or inform about a late check in, this policy does not apply. Departure/Check out standard is at 10:00 hours, unless agreed otherwise with Hotel Manager in advance. A late check-out may consequently result in a charge 100% of the full day rate. Free cancellation of individual accommodation orders cannot be made later than 6PM 72 hours prior to the agreed arrival date. In case of violation of this period the hotel will charge 100% of the first night. In case of any doubts or questions that arise when making a reservation, every client is entitled to contact the reservation department of the hotel operator by phone on: +421 36 7577 600 or by email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! If any clients have special requirements (children´s bed, special diets or food requests, animals, etc.) or would like to book some additional services, they are entitled to contact the reservation department of the hotel operator by phone on: +421 36 7577 600 or by email: Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein! The hotel operator is entitled to offer the following discounts on accommodation for children: All children under 3 years stay free of charge when using existing beds. One child under 3 years stays free of charge in a baby cot. Children between 4 and 8 years are charged for extra bed of € 25,00 per night, between 9 to 12 of € 30,00 per night and between 13 to 15 years of € 35,00 per night. One older child or adult is charged € 60,00 per night and person in an extra bed.

II. Accommodation of participants – GROUPS Unless there are no other written agreements pre- discussed with the hotel, the following conditions apply: Backup and Payment: 20% deposit of the forward agreed price calculation after ordering and reservation the date by client. Reservation can be made via e-mail or upon signing the contract.

III. Guarantee of the number of participants The Client will be aware that the hotel needs in advance numbers of guests which require catering and to whom and how much food will be served. The Hotel requires the exact number of people involved, and the variety of food. This information can´t be delivered later than 7 working days before the proposed event. This information and catering requirements are considered a guaranteed minimum cost that hotel will charge to client. If the guaranteed number of participants is reduced, the hotel reserves right to charge to the client the count pre-ordered.

IV. Accounting of the beverages Unless otherwise agreed, the client will be charged the entire consumption of all beverages. Billing complaints are not tolerated.

V. Refreshments, food and drink brought by client. All of food that is served in buffet style and which will not be consumed during the time slot, such as coffee breaks, lunch or dinner, according to the sanitary rules and norms of the EU within 3 hours from the beginning, will be carry away by the hotel staff. For reasons of strict sanitary procedures and standards of EU, the hotel does not allow take away and consume brought meals or bring out from the hotel the hotel meals, that were intended to eat solely at the hotel. As has not been agreed otherwise, is strictly forbidden carrying all kinds of alcoholic beverages to the hotel. In case of violation of this prohibition, the hotel reserves the right to charge for these drinks a fee starting from € 100 depending on the amount of the alcohol.

VI. Price and payment The prices offered are all inclusive VAT, exclusive City Tax. Exceptions: In the case of the introduction of new state charges. Others: – The invoice is payable within 14 days from date of issue. – In case of delay of payment the hotel will charge interest of 0.05% of the outstanding amount for each day of delay, starting from the day following the due date of the debt. – Any hotel denied ambiguity doesn´t stay the execution of the character of the payment, or eventual passage of interest on late payment. – Payment by credit card can be carried out both before and after disbursement of hotel services on the base by client provided data needed to implement payment. Hotel reserves the right to subsequently settle by credit card of the client any differences that are observed after this departure (eg. minibar consumption, etc.).

VII. Conditions for cancellations Deposit and payment: Hotel Chateau Béla is entitled to demand advance payment as follows: An advance payment of 50% of the amount ordered services, 7 days prior to the date utilization of services, unless there is not a concluded other written agreement with the hotel. Final payment under the invoice issued in accordance with its maturity. Unless there is not a concluded other written agreement with the hotel, the following cancellation conditions apply: a, individual clients: The guest can cancel free of charge until 72 hours before arrival. The guest will be charged the first night if they cancel within 72 hours before arrival. b, organized groups (weddings, corporate trainings … the number of people over 10): Cancellation more than 60 days prior to event: free of charge Cancellation 60-30 days before the event: 15% of the total amount for ordered services Cancellation 30-15 days before the event: 25% of the total amount for ordered services Cancellation 15-7 days before the date of the event: 50% of the total amount for ordered services Cancellation 7-3 days before the date of the event: 75% of the total amount for ordered services In the case of cancellation of an event less than 72 hours will be charged 100% of the cancelled services.

VIII. Special Offers and Package Offers 1. The hotel operator is entitled to provide special offers (last minute, first minute etc.). The number of rooms assigned to special offers is limited. 2. Booking and using of special offers are governed by special terms and conditions that are valid only for special offers and take precedence over there GTC. Only specific parts of these GTC shall be used for special offers if they are not different from the already mentioned special terms and conditions.

IX. Valuables Valuable items such as cash, jewelry, musical instruments, technical or other equipment and etc., can be kept secure in the hotel safe. Otherwise the hotel in case of loss or damage to personal belongings cannot be held responsible.

X. Liability in case of damage The Client is liable for all damages caused to the employees of the client, his guests or other persons authorized by him, and will to reimburse the damage in full. Hotel is only liable for damages for which would clearly and demonstrably found fault of the hotel, but isn´t liable for damage caused by a third party. The hotel is entitled to require the Client take out appropriate fuses.

XI. Other arrangements Music production or other artistic performances by a customer secures itself and which are compulsorily notifiable, the client must sign up in advance and in a timely manner to the relevant offices. All associated or additional costs are the responsibility of the client. Promotional material – The Client has authorization from the hotel regarding the placement of advertising material. Spaces where the action or event will take place, shall not be harmed by advertising. Installation work must be carried out by a professional work force and shall that strictly comply with all statutory safety regulations. Rent a room – rent includes remedial training facilities and equipment furniture, which is available at the hotel. The rental price is included in meeting space for conferences equipment (screen, sound), internet, further flipchart (paper and markers), blocks and pencils. Technology and supervision – if the action requires technical work outside agencies, they will incurred costs charged to the client. Every external company may carry out work, or change the property of the hotel only with the written consent of the General Manager. For large events related to increased energy consumption, these costs were charged to the client separately according to actual consumption for the purchase price. If it is necessary that the hotel technician present during the event and exercise supervision, is charged for each employee each started hour.

XII. Withdrawal from contract The client may cancel the contract at any time, but he has to know that they will be charged a cancellation fee. The hotel is entitled to cancel the contractual relationship whenever: - The action will interfere with the operation of hotel - Will be at risk the reputation of the hotel and the safety of its guests - Extraordinary and unforeseeable circumstances for which the hotel is not responsible, making it impossible to fulfill the contract. The client is not in these cases entitled to claim for damages.

XIII. Final provisions 1.The Hotel is not liable for accidents involving any kind of leisure programs, unless the hotel acted grossly negligent or intentionally. 2. The animals have access to the hotel, the hotel can charge fees in accordance with current applicable pricelist. Animals shall not be brought into rooms where food and beverages are served 3. These GTC and legal relations based on them are governed by the law of the Slovak Republic. 4. Shall any provision of these GTC be or become invalid, ineffective or unenforceable, the validity of other provisions of these GTC shall not be affected thereby. 5. By confirming the reservation, every client declares to agree with these GTC and undertakes to respect and follow them. The hotel operator reserves the right to change these GTC. The obligation to announce changes of the GTC in a written form is considered met by publishing the changed GTC on the website of the hotel operator: 6. These GTC become effective on 1/5/2017.

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