More than a hotel, a destination with bespoke experiences for every season. 

Whether you desire a tranquil weekend to relax and unwind or an adventure-filled trip you’ll remember for a lifetime, discover our unrivaled packages.

Hotel and close area
Wine tasting

 - wine cheers the human heart.

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Rose & Herb garden

A place full of colors, scents and endless beauty. Garden blooming in every season.

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Château tour

Get in touch with us to join our guided tours and learn more about the rich history of Château Beela.

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Château Bela picnic

Experience the world as it should be. Enjoy a carefree afternoon with a picnic basket full of delicious food.

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Tennis courts

Relax actively on our tennis courts. During the season (June - September), the courts are open or hotel guests. 

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Discover all possibilities of relaxing in the castle. Visit our saunas, steam bath, fitness, treat yourself to massage, or take yoga classes during the summer season.

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E-bike rental

Southern Slovakia is known for its rich and diverse nature. With our electric bikes, you can ride past picturesque vineyards, on cycle paths leading along rivers, and enjoy panoramic views of hills and valleys. The price of renting a bicycle for one person is 25 €/ 2 hours.


Relax with your favorite game. Snooker may be played by two or more players, either independently or as sides and is available in the basement of the hotel. 1 hour/ 10,00 €

Hotel cinema

relax with a good movie in our hotel cinema with a capacity of 20 people. Choose from a wide range of films via the streaming services Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max.

Get to know our animals

On the grounds of Château Bela, you will find our own animals, which are especially popular with children. Do not hesitate to visit them during your stay. Among them, you will find Hereford cows, sheep, a peacock, and a white pony.

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Fishing - catch and release

Try “catch and release” fishing in nearby lakes. Bring your fishing rods and if you are lucky you will catch crucian carp, pike, or carp.

Don't have your fishing equipment? We are happy to provide you with all the needed equipment and help to enjoy fishing by our lake.