An evening of exceptional flavors - an exclusive 7-course dinner with Jonas Zörner at Château Bela.

We invite you to a culinary experience prepared by the head chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant Golvet in Berlin, in collaboration with our team. Your guide during this gastronomic adventure will be Lucia Hurajová, while between courses, you will be delighted by accompanying guitar music performed by Samuel Tomeček.

Get ready for a 7-course dinner that will transport you to the world of exceptional flavors and culinary experiences, with each course perfectly paired with Château Bela wines.

Iced Peppers with Muesli and Chervil
Green Beans with Dill and Sauerkraut
Duck Liver Terrine with Brioche and Wild Herbs
Pike with Chard and Onion
Saddle of Venison with Chanterelles and Rhubarb
Tomato with Basil and Valrhona Opalys
Yogurt with Honey and Linden

Price: 135,00 €/ Person

Dress code: Smart Casual

The Michelin Night will take place on the 7th of May 2024, starting at 18:00 at Château Bela.


Please reserve our offer online or by calling +421 905 502 345 or via email at

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Berlin Master Chef - Jonas Zörner

Jonas Zörner is the head chef and the driving force behind the culinary experience at Michelin restaurant GOLVET in Belrin. With his expertise and passion, he leads the restaurant team, relying on trust, teamwork, and shared success.

With training and extensive experience in renowned gastronomic establishments such as FACIL at The Mandala Hotel and THE RESTAURANT at The Dolder Grand in Zurich, Jonas has perfected his craft and acquired extensive knowledge and skills.

Joining the GOLVET Restaurant team in 2018, Jonas quickly made a name for himself with his creativity and deep understanding of aromas and flavor compositions. He was appointed head chef and executive chef at the beginning of 2020, taking responsibility for the restaurant's culinary excellence.

Under Jonas’ leadership, GOLVET Restaurant has achieved remarkable recognition, including the coveted Michelin star for the fourth consecutive year. In November 2022, Jonas was named BERLIN MASTERKOCH 2022, further solidifying his extraordinary contribution to the Berlin gastronomy scene.

With his dedicated team, Jonas Zörner crafts menus at the highest level in the GOLVET Restaurant, characterized by a harmonious fusion of innovative techniques, fresh ingredients, and sophisticated flavors.

Michelin Restaurant Golvet

The GOLVET is a restaurant with an elegant, stylish interior situated in a unique, historic location, coupled with the highest culinary standards and a stunning view over the contrasting, exciting, ever-changing capital city of Berlin.

Their cuisine does not adhere to culinary dogmas. Regionalism and sustainability are inherent to them. Their dishes consist of few, but very intense and aromatic components that provide a fulfilling experience for the guest.

WHAT MAKES BERLIN CULINARY IS VERSATILITY. JUST AS VARIED IS DEFINED THE GOLVET. An exciting product kitchen that manages without frills and gimmicks. The product alone is the clear protagonist, and they live this credo with all their hearts.

This philosophy runs like a thread through the restaurant and the entire evening at GOLVET. Design, clear structures, pureism in its purest form, and luxurious understatement in all facets. That is their goal, that is their claim.

They want to offer their guests a culture of welcome, without constraints and far from outdated clichés. The principle of their work is lived hospitality, and they are delighted with every person who feels comfortable with them. 

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